Our trip to Saudi Arabia

Last week the LineUp team discovered a new direction. We traveled to Saudi Arabia where we had several face-to-face meetings. Our clients in Jeddah welcomed us with hospitality. For us, it was a great experience of exploring the businesses from the inside. We are grateful to Mafgif. This acquaintance ignited valuable perspectives and fostered the creation of […]

Briefly about how FTX crashed

Summary ‘The fall of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried has been one of the biggest the crypto world has ever seen. Once a reliable name in the crypt trading market, there is no precedent to see how the entity could recover.’ (Watcher.Guru, a crypto outpost) In the early November 2022, FTX – the one of the […]

Web Summit 2022

From November 1 to 4, we visited Portugal and the largest European event in our industry WebSummit 2022. It was an exciting and interesting event for all participants. Our delegation consisted of Taras Kibitkin – CEO Lineup Iliya Tsypin – Lead of Sales of Lineup Oksana Zvarych – Project Manager of Lineup In addition to […]


Intro Everyone needs a website in our modern world. Building a presence in the Internet is essential for business to prosper. Even though it is not that easy – it should not be that way! There are plenty of situations where one does not have a team of web experts or when the budget is […]

We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸

This year we visited the South Summit in Madrid for the first time. It was an interesting and exciting 3 day event. Lineup’s delegate was Thierry Eugen. He spent time in the company of exciting speakers and representatives of big business from all over the world. The main focus of the event is technology and innovation. […]

The HEROES of our time

Meet our Andrew. This is our «new» Andrew, because after the start of a full-scale invasion of russia, Ukraine and we all as well became a little different. In his previous life before the war, Andrew was a QA specialist and he knew his way of living his life. He would love to play basketball […]

The war in Ukraine and the new reality 🇺🇦

In the period of January 8-18, 2022, we paid a working visit to the United Arab Emirates. It was a very interesting and exciting experience. Company CEO Taras Kibikin and Chief Analyst Igor Babich visited key partners and clients in Dubai. And also held several working sessions to initiate new projects in the industries like: […]