We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸

This year we visited the South Summit in Madrid for the first time. It was an interesting and exciting 3 day event.

Lineup’s delegate was Thierry Eugen. He spent time in the company of exciting speakers and representatives of big business from all over the world. The main focus of the event is technology and innovation.

We met with many entrepreneurs and investors to tell them exactly how Lineup can help them in their business.

There was also a lot of talk about upcoming trends and challenges for the global economy and industries.

We hope that the obtained contacts and new acquaintances will be useful and promising in the future.

Looking forward to the new South Summit in 2023!

The HEROES of our time

Meet our Andrew. This is our «new» Andrew, because after the start of a full-scale invasion of russia, Ukraine and we all as well became a little different. In his previous life before the war, Andrew was a QA specialist and he knew his way of living his life. He would love to play basketball or have a box sparring with you. Or he’d love to show you a master class in sports shooting.
However, on February 24, a new reality came. Andrew went to the military registration and enlistment office, took the gun and now he protects our Ukraine from the russian occupiers. His three younger sisters send him their pictures, waiting at home iin the city which was occupied by russian soldiers for few days near Kyiv. We must know our heroes, because every inch of our free country is defended be a warrior like Andrew.
💙💛We thank all our defenders and believe in our victory!
Знайомтеся, це наш Андрій. Це наш новий Андрій, адже після початку повномасштабного вторгнення рф всі ми стали трошки новими, іншими.
В житті до війни Андрій був QA спецалістом, знав свій шлях. Він залюбки пограв би з вами у баскетбол, поспарінгувався у боксерьских рукавицях або показав майстер клас зі спортивної стрільби.
Але 24 лютого настала нова реальність. Андрій пішов у воєнкомат, взяв зброю і тепер захищає нашу Украіну від російських окупантів. Три його молодших сестрички відправляють йому свої малюночки, чекаючи вдома у вже звільненому від окупації місті під Київом.
Ми маємо знати наших героїв, адже за кожним сантиметром нашої вільної краіни стоїть воїн, такий як Андрій. Ми дякуємо всім нашим захисникам і незламно віримо у нашу перемогу! 💙💛

The war in Ukraine and the new reality 🇺🇦

Hey guys! We are a Ukrainian company with official representatives in the EU and the USA.
We have been working in western markets for many years but our main resources are still based in our beautiful country Ukraine.
In a situation of war in our country, we offer our support and assistance to all who need it. Our goal is not to allow the Ukrainian IT community to perish or weaken in any sense of the word.
As a company, we are focused on offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of IT, business development, and communication. We are following the development of Ukraine with a heavy heart and we want to do everything to help in this inhumane situation. As an important employer with more than 100 employees today, we work with our partners and customers around the world to be efficient and beneficial to our country.
Our help covers several areas such as:
  • financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • targeted assistance to soldiers of the Armed Forces.
  • support for our employees who defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands.
  • support for our employees who are temporarily unable to work.
  • employment of refugees.
  • consulting and preferential terms for providing services to Ukrainian businesses affected by the war.
We have already offered employment to 10 refugees, collected and sent aid and equipment to our military for a value of almost 700,000 hryvnias ($ 24,000), paid compensation to employees who were unable to work for 2 months, and we continue to do so.
In any of these areas, we are open to interactions and partnerships. In addition, we invite everyone to join. Some of our clients and partners have already joined, for which we are very grateful.
If you have the opportunity and desire to help – write on telegram to our CEO @taraskibitkin, who personally deals with these issues during the war.
We are fighting for freedom and our Ukraine, we are helping the army, and we are looking toward the future with dignity!

One of the company’s employees who volunteered to defend his land.

One of the sets of ammunition and equipment that were sent by our team to the war zone.

UAE as a new vector of activity

In the period of January 8-18, 2022, we paid a working visit to the United Arab Emirates. It was a very interesting and exciting experience.

Company CEO Taras Kibikin and Chief Analyst Igor Babich visited key partners and clients in Dubai. And also held several working sessions to initiate new projects in the industries like:

  • DLT&Blockchain
  • Gambling and betting
  • Hardware-software interaction

Arabsike Emirates is currently the main hub for the global crypto-communicaty and the new economy. It has favorable legislation and soft tax conditions, which is why many companies from the European and Asian region choose Dubai as an ideal place for their location.

We have worked in truly innovative industries and watched the growth and development of companies focused on highly competitive and highly loaded markets. Many of these companies create products that are unique to their region.

In these working sessions, for the first time, we approached the topic of creating a Metaverse in a practical sense. This is a promising and interesting direction for our company.

We also had dialogues on the creation of a full-fledged permanent representation, focused on the market of Western Asia and China. Undoubtedly, we will come again to the United Arab Emirates in the future and develop our representation and projects of our clients. 

Membership in Gaming Industry 2021

At Lineup, we continuously build up our technical expertise and keep abreast of current trends in our industries. This year we visited the Gaming Industry 2021 exhibition in Kiev!

As part of this event, a lot of useful contacts were collected, as well as meetings were held with clients and partners who have been cooperating with Lineup for many years.

We talked about new trends in the industry, discussed the process of legalizing the gambling business in Ukraine, and also heard about the current needs from providers and market operators.

A separate topic for discussion is the integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain into the gambling industry. We plan to develop and provide similar services for our new and existing clients.

Together with our partners, we agreed to set up a laboratory to test new developments and nurture pilot projects.