According to our tradition, we have come together to spend 2021 forever, congratulate each other and share plans for 2022.

This time we gathered in a large event area with game consoles, games, with a festive table and most importantly with wonderful bright people.

The event was successfully planned and organized by our event managers and other activists.

About 10 remote employees came to Kharkiv to also take part in this unique event.

This time we also organized an online broadcast for remote participation in the event.


Live communication and living people gathered together in a certain context are always nice and healthy.

Of particular note are the musical performances performed by our staff, the congratulatory and retrospective speech of the CEO, an exciting quiz, gifts from the secret Santa and of course an incendiary disco.

We congratulated each other, talked about the past, talked about plans for the future and moved on to the incredible storm of events in 2022.

We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸

The HEROES of our time

The war in Ukraine and the new reality 🇺🇦