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Vesta solves the problem of working with data for the E-commerce and Retail industry, allows customers to get incredible benefits from a seemingly simple service.

Client Background

Vesta.us is a beautiful illustration of how big data is changing our world and how people and companies can benefit incredibly from big data processing. Vesta solves the problem of working with data for the E-commerce and Retail industry, allows customers to get incredible benefits from a seemingly simple service.
Vesta is a startup built to solve a specific problem and a specific business, which has turned into a global solution for the entire international market.
Vesta offers its customers the functions of collecting, cleaning, supplementing and distributing product data. As well as the functions of data exchange between ERP mimthems of large manufacturers and sellers of goods. Vesta operates with data on millions of products every minute.
Our team joined the project after the MVP release stage and the appearance of the first users. Therefore, we focused on the development and optimization of functionality. We had an important stage of scaling the project from 5-10 clients to 100-1000 clients. These were very challenging tasks.


E-commerce and Retail

Years on the market



New Zealand


System optimization and scaling in terms of throughput, speed and data quality.


Replacing technologies and tools with less resource-intensive and more modern ones, optimizing interfaces, databases, algorithms.


Over 2 years of our work, the product has evolved from a niche startup to a global product on the market, has become recognized and used by large e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and UltraCommerce.

Business Challenge

The main task on the part of the business is to scale and develop the project under real load conditions. It is not easy for us, which began with the construction of a complex working flow that can ensure the stable operation of the platform on the one hand and its continuous development on the other.
As a result, we got this flow:

  • collecting feedback from clients
  • identification of recurring and systemic tasks and problems
  • revealing customer expectations from the platform
  • development of a technical product development roadmap
  • building 2 teams for operational and strategic tasks
  • synchronization, development, retrospective according to the Scrum methodology
  • reporting for management and investors
  • roadmap adjustment depending on actual conditions
  • The main part of the functionality for MPV was created in 2014 with the PHP language and MySql database without Frameworks and additional optimization tools.
  • Our task was the optimization, renovation of the product and its rethinking from a technical point of view.



Partnership period

February 2018 – August 2021

Value Delivered

We made decisions to build a microservice architecture that would gradually implement the main functions of the project, and used the appropriate technical stack for each task. So we used LUA to execute scripts, we used GOLang for basic processing, we used Python for parsing and development of the admin panel. For critical operations, we used non-relational databases instead of MySql. This approach is more difficult to implement, but it allowed us to achieve extremely high performance, which is the basis for the business solution that the Vesta platform offers to its customers
After 2 years of teamwork, Vesta was bought out by a larger player in the market and became part of a large ecosystem within the E-commerce giant.

Technology Stack



Java Script






Client review

We ask our clients to leave feedback as truthful
as possible and describe the process of working
with LineUp in as much detail as possible.

Professional management and team. We effectively developed a design and programmed a high-quality product with practically no bugs, conducted an analysis and qualitatively promoted the promo site on social networks. After the completion of the project, they provided excellent technical support and daily communication. Thank you and wish you success!
Damien Knox
Founder and СТО, Vesta

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