In the period of January 8-18, 2022, we paid a working visit to the United Arab Emirates. It was a very interesting and exciting experience.

Company CEO Taras Kibikin and Chief Analyst Igor Babich visited key partners and clients in Dubai. And also held several working sessions to initiate new projects in the industries like:

  • DLT&Blockchain
  • Gambling and betting
  • Hardware-software interaction

Arabsike Emirates is currently the main hub for the global crypto-communicaty and the new economy. It has favorable legislation and soft tax conditions, which is why many companies from the European and Asian region choose Dubai as an ideal place for their location.

We have worked in truly innovative industries and watched the growth and development of companies focused on highly competitive and highly loaded markets. Many of these companies create products that are unique to their region.

In these working sessions, for the first time, we approached the topic of creating a Metaverse in a practical sense. This is a promising and interesting direction for our company.

We also had dialogues on the creation of a full-fledged permanent representation, focused on the market of Western Asia and China. Undoubtedly, we will come again to the United Arab Emirates in the future and develop our representation and projects of our clients. 

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