From November 1 to 4, we visited Portugal and the largest European event in our industry WebSummit 2022.

It was an exciting and interesting event for all participants.

Our delegation consisted of

  • Taras Kibitkin – CEO Lineup
  • Iliya Tsypin – Lead of Sales of Lineup
  • Oksana Zvarych – Project Manager of Lineup

In addition to the fact that we spent 8 days in beautiful Portugal, we did important work.

Here is our list of completed tasks.

  • held a couple of dozen rallies that were planned earlier
  • held a couple dozen more meetings that were not planned as part of spontaneous networking
  • saw presentations and stands of industry giants such as AWS, Google, Siemens
  • listened to a couple of master classes and thematic lectures
  • presented our startup
  • gave interviews to several media
  • received invitations to many interesting events in Europe and beyond
  • talked with many Ukrainian companies and startups (by the way, the Ukrainian stand was very popular)

We visited the city of Sintra and its castles. We had an incredible experience at Cape Rocca.

Our impressions of the summit

  1. Europe and the world have woken up after the Covid-19 break, and offline events are returning to the TOP again.
  2. a huge chunk of attention was taken by giant crypto companies such as Binance, Polkadot, Solana, etc.
  3. a huge trend in WEB3.0 startups, about 20% of all projects were from the crypto industry
  4. an unfading trend for all kinds of tools to improve the efficiency of remote work
  5. a stable trend for AR-VR technology, the project that impressed me the most from Belgium
  6. progressive countries showed how they create comfortable conditions for us, IT people, startups, metaverses, and cryptocurrency users
  7. hardware projects are more interesting for the audience than software projects because they have a greater impact on real life
  8. the trend towards ecology and alternative energy, here the Ukrainians from Releaf were most impressed
  9. are everywhere using AI and ML as the basis for their products and startups
  10. it is not easy to get investments now, because the competition among products is high, and the pool of venture investors has not increased due to the situation in the world.

The main thing brought from Portugal is an inspiration and new contacts. We expect a long-term effect from this event, which will be expressed in new contracts and partnerships and in the growth of the company and the team.


We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸

The HEROES of our time