Last week the LineUp team discovered a new direction. We traveled to Saudi Arabia where we had several face-to-face meetings. 
Our clients in Jeddah welcomed us with hospitality. 
For us, it was a great experience of exploring the businesses from the inside.

We are grateful to Mafgif. This acquaintance ignited valuable perspectives and fostered the creation of innovative approaches that will shape the future of our team’s work.

Our partnership continues to drive transformative solutions, empowering our customers to navigate the complexities of the technology area with confidence. 

One of the insights of the trip was the new opportunities that emerged when we learned the deep details of offline business in KSA and nearby.

We are grateful to our partners for thе experience!
This trip helped us to make a reconnaissance of the direction and its possibilities.
Now our professionals are working hard to provide IT services without limits. 
We drew conclusions and decided to plan to expand our presence in the KSA market and continue the development of existing projects.

LineUp experts are ready to get acquainted with your business offline. 
Stay tuned for more updates. In unity, we are shaping a future without limits!

Web Summit 2022

We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸

The HEROES of our time