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Digitalstage.io is a digital fan experience platform that enables artists, both industry giants, and less well-known artists, to be in more direct and individual contact with their fans, e.g. through live streams and NFT collectibles to kick.

Client Background

The Digitalstage.io is the response of entrepreneurs to a request from hundreds and thousands of artists and their fans that arose at the beginning of the COVID-19 era. Most people missed live performances and concerts. It became clear that social media couldn’t fully compensate for the loss of interaction, and an entrepreneur in Germany named Richard Harless started looking into how to make live streams really cool and how to help create really great interactions with fans. This eventually led to Digitalstage.io.

As part of the project, the following tasks had to be solved:

for brands and artists

– to connect and build their communities on a global scale, engage with their audience digitally
– to give artists the opportunity to sell their own NFT at the events via an integrated marketplace – for the digital collectibles (music, artwork) & physical merchandise.
– To add value by creating merch with digital engagements (for AR/VR, metaverse).

for the fans

– to determine the rarity of any unit of merch via blockchain.
– to build & maintain their NFT collections
– to enable secondary sell (resell) market for the merchandise.


Music & entertainment

Years on the market





To find an effective concept for the interaction of artists and their fans in the new Covid reality.


To engineer a mobile solution - a digital marketplace for brands, artists and their fans.


The corresponding solution was created as a Web 3.0 platform based on the Blockchain Сelo with the generation of NFT for fans.

Business Challenge

NFT as a certificate of Authenticity

Artists would like to sell their merchandise (during the concert and in retail stores), and for each collectible entity to link & give out a certificate of authenticity in the form of NFT, thus providing additional value for the goods to prove the digital “authentic collectible” status.

To associate NFTs with different types of assets: both digital assets and physical merchandise.

Easy onboarding

To create a seamless and hassle-free onboarding experience for any user, with regard to creating an account, obtaining a wallet and receiving NFT – thus ensuring that access to the web3 technology is open-to-all and easy to get familiar with.


To provide the most sustainable, environment-friendly (low carbon footprint) and cost-efficient solution (incl. low gas fees).


Startups Launching

Partnership period

Nov 2021 – present

Value Delivered

A product that meets the requirements has been created and launched, and it continues to evolve.

The project was built completely from scratch. We used a set of technologies used to develop modern software solutions.


Server part for implementing the main business logic of the project.


Integration with smart contracts that enables business logic and transactions on the blockchain.


Web app with a supporting functionality for fans to exchange crypto for fiat, and a media player for media preview.


Full featured IOS app, supporting integrated Web3 blockchain wallets.

Technology Stack









Client review

We ask our clients to leave feedback as truthful
as possible and describe the process of working
with LineUp in as much detail as possible.

Initially, we just wanted to improve the corporate site existing at that time and could not even imagine that our cooperation would last for several years. During our cooperation, LineUp has established itself not only as a responsible performer able to solve the most difficult tasks but also as a true partner who is always trying to help, suggesting how best, instead of blindly following the client’s requirements. I can say with certainty that by applying to the company’s services, you will certainly get a high level of service, an established communication process, and competent project management, together with a team of high-quality software engineers.
Richard Harless
Founder and CEO

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