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Fixario combine the most modern technology with excellent user-friendliness to enable a convenient and quick assignment of a craftsman, without a long search, without time-consuming price and offer comparison!

Client Background

Fixario is a startup founded in 2020 in Frankfurt. The company has set itself the goal of changing and rethinking the P2P market for home repair services and related processes. The founders of the company Alexander and Victoria spent a lot of time researching the market and understanding the concept of their product to come to us with a ready-made specification and high-level requirements.


Leisure & Services

Years on the market





Create and implement an adapted concept of a Uber-like application for the P2P services market in Germany.


Create web and mobile applications for clients and technicians, and combine them into a single workspace.


A product that meets the requirements has been created and launched.

Business Challenge

The main goal of the business was to create from scratch a complete solution for a market that is in the process of transformation. Indeed, on the one hand, people are used to carrying out more and more processes in their smartphone, and on the other hand, the German market in this sense is quite complex and overregulated. Therefore, the founders and us, as developers, had to take into account all possible requirements imposed by law and regulation.

The challenge of the project was in its scale and in the high complexity of the business processes that we had to implement. I had to synchronize several times a day with all team members so that any changes in the business logic were implemented accurately and did not lead to additional labor costs. Another specific task of this project is the design and implementation of a complex mechanism for receiving and distributing payments, because any transaction on the platform is a complex operation in which 5 interested parties participate: the customer, the contractor, the Fixafio platform itself, the payment system and the state.


Web & Mobile

Partnership period

September 2019 – present

Value Delivered

The project was built completely from scratch, since not a single ready-made technical solution on the market met the needs of potential users of the system. We carefully approached the choice of technologies, focusing on the long-term support and modernization of the project. We used a set of technologies used to develop large enterprise solutions.
The first presentation of the project was held in a personal meeting in Frankfurt.


Server part for implementing the main business logic of the project. Back office for process administration, content editing, and support work.


Web applications for clients and technicians that implement the main functionality.


4 mobile applications. IOS and Android apps for technicians and customers.

Technology Stack



Rest API









Client review

We ask our clients to leave feedback as truthful
as possible and describe the process of working
with LineUp in as much detail as possible.

We contacted this studio to create a large platform for our business. The company's specialists listened to our wishes and rather quickly presented us for consideration several options to choose from, with corrections made, taking into account the requirements for design and future promotion. I liked the clarity of the work and the business approach, in particular, the conclusion of an official contract for the performance of work.

The platform turned out to be very convenient and fast. By the way, the use of the site control panel was also trained. We are very pleased with the cooperation! We continue to work.

Alexander Perel
CEO, Fixario

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