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Client Background

Lovys is a valuable innovative product in the insurance industry for the European market. This is a classic startup that has gone through the path from ideas to great investments in 3 years. And we had the honor of cooperating with him for the duration of 3 years until now.
Lovys encourages clients to take out insurance on basic life things quickly through a mobile add-on. A phone, a home pet, a car, and a flat – everything often becomes an object of insurance. And if in the past, it was necessary to spend a couple of hours or even a few days of costly time to take out insurance offline, Lovys propose that as much and easy as possible.
Our main role in the project is to provide a highly professional engineering team for all stages of the project, including MVP, to numerous new releases and support.
We provided a flexible team, for adaptation to the goals of all intermediate stages of the project.



Years on the market





Organise a technical team for the implementation of an innovative startup in the insurance industry


The team was selected, Lineup engineers were highly integrated into the global business processes of Lovys, and tasks were divided and quickly completed by the split-team


Release of a successful MVP, the release of the first release version, addition of new insurance products for clients, continuous improvement of UI and functionality, as a result - tens of thousands of happy clients

Business Challenge

A way for a startup from ideas to a systemic business is a big way. It is necessary to explain your mission to a wide audience, and it is necessary to realise strong marketing, but at the same time, you need to support a high level of the technical part. This is exactly the kind of reliability that the Lineup team and Lovys engineers needed to ensure. Also, we had to show extreme flexibility in the conditions of constant search for investments and changes in priorities. We needed to quickly increase the number of engineers to achieve intermediate results and conduct important demos for investors, then we hading to reschedule and reschedule the workload to a smaller team to optimize costs. The path of Lovys and Lineup is a path of mutual help and trust.
We were able to work partially on the Lovis web apps, but the main part of the project was implemented on the IOS and Andriod mobile platforms. Apps were implemented in a naive way and developed at the same time as the development of native technologies for IOS and Android. In this manner, we have always supported the modern technical stack throughout the entire life cycle.
The special attention in the project was on testing – a large number of real users with different devices demanded special respect for us in the process of the implementation of new functions.


Web, Mobile

Partnership period

Apr 2018 – present

Value Delivered

The results of the work in this project can by no means be called complete because the development and improvement of the project are carried out every day and present. Thousands of people are covered by the results, and they can take care of insurance services manually and quickly online.


Web application for clients & administrators, consists of the main and additional functions for tech support, which implements administrative functions that are not available in mobile add-ons


Native mobile applications for IOS and Android, which realize the main functionality of the product. It's the most popular source of communication with clients.


Hundreds of additional mini-apps and services that are invisible to the eyes of the client, but still ensure the functioning of the business process.

Technology Stack





Client review

We ask our clients to leave feedback as truthful
as possible and describe the process of working
with LineUp in as much detail as possible.

Professional management and team. We effectively developed a design and programmed a high-quality product with practically no bugs, conducted an analysis and qualitatively promoted the promo site on social networks. After the completion of the project, they provided excellent technical support and daily communication. Thank you and wish you success!
João Macedo Pinto
CTO at Lovys

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