Hey guys! We are a Ukrainian company with official representatives in the EU and the USA.
We have been working in western markets for many years but our main resources are still based in our beautiful country Ukraine.
In a situation of war in our country, we offer our support and assistance to all who need it. Our goal is not to allow the Ukrainian IT community to perish or weaken in any sense of the word.
As a company, we are focused on offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of IT, business development, and communication. We are following the development of Ukraine with a heavy heart and we want to do everything to help in this inhumane situation. As an important employer with more than 100 employees today, we work with our partners and customers around the world to be efficient and beneficial to our country.
Our help covers several areas such as:
  • financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • targeted assistance to soldiers of the Armed Forces.
  • support for our employees who defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands.
  • support for our employees who are temporarily unable to work.
  • employment of refugees.
  • consulting and preferential terms for providing services to Ukrainian businesses affected by the war.
We have already offered employment to 10 refugees, collected and sent aid and equipment to our military for a value of almost 700,000 hryvnias ($ 24,000), paid compensation to employees who were unable to work for 2 months, and we continue to do so.
In any of these areas, we are open to interactions and partnerships. In addition, we invite everyone to join. Some of our clients and partners have already joined, for which we are very grateful.
If you have the opportunity and desire to help – write on telegram to our CEO @taraskibitkin, who personally deals with these issues during the war.
We are fighting for freedom and our Ukraine, we are helping the army, and we are looking toward the future with dignity!

One of the company’s employees who volunteered to defend his land.

One of the sets of ammunition and equipment that were sent by our team to the war zone.

Our trip to Saudi Arabia

Web Summit 2022

We visited the South Summit in Madrid 🇪🇸